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Jeffrey A. Wolin


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Jeffrey A. Wolin's Temple of Augustus and Livia, Vienne, one of 22 photos of Provence at the Catherine Edelman gallery, shows a Roman temple in a town square amid the chairs of a sidewalk cafe. The photographer is clearly having fun with incongruities between the ancient and the modern, but he also conveys the tremendous power of old stone buildings. Le Pont Flavien, St. Chamas is an image of the two archways of a Roman bridge, one inside the other, rising from irregular terrain with a solidity that suggests the eternal. Wolin writes in the show's catalog that he uses "multiple toners, including gold," in his printing to evoke "early travel photography," and the resulting supple yet firm textures add to the feeling of permanence. He also suggests that the modern challenges the stability of the old: in Ville Feodale With Nuclear Power Plant, Cruas the rough stones of a ruined medieval building in the foreground seem overpowered by the tiny but ominous cooling towers in the background. Catherine Edelman, 300 W. Superior, through November 8. Hours are 10 to 5:30 Tuesday through Saturday; 312-266-2350.

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