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This week's Culture Vultures recommend:

The Shedd's Jellies, The Queen of Black Magic, and dog event Happy Trails


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Amy Creyer, photographer behind, is marveling at:

Jellies Blame it on my astrology sign. As a Pisces, I've always found myself drawn to aquatic environments. Of all the incredible cultural institutions that make Chicago one of the world's most influential cities, none is more special to me than the Shedd Aquarium. This year I even took the day off work to celebrate my 26th birthday at the Shedd.

While I adore everything from the beluga whales to the wild reef, their current special exhibit on jellyfish might just be my favorite. Growing up on the East Coast as a child meant I was stung enough times while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean to develop a healthy respect for the translucent creatures. Watching these alienlike life-forms twinkle with rainbow light is an incredible experience that highlights the diversity of life on our planet and drives home the sublime power of evolution. The magic of spending a day at the aquarium transcends age; you're never too old to visit the Shedd.

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