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Jessica Hopper Free Recommended

When: Fri., May 29 2015

During my infancy at the Reader some seven years ago, I got to know Jessica Hopper through her writing. Although she was a regular freelancer for the paper, she was rarely if at all seen in the office. Instead, Hopper was part of a nomadic bunch of music-journo idealists who took obvious pleasure both in the freedom of the freelance life and in the writing itself. Hopper had a very personal and distinctive style that was never alienating to her readers but actually drew them in more than here-are-the-facts reporting. Whether she was documenting a few weeks she spent at the suburban teenage wasteland of Warped Tour or snarking at a soulless 20th-anniversary Nirvana box set, she was happy to muse at the anthill of the music scene through a magnifying glass—and for everyone's enjoyment, particularly her own, she'd sometimes refract a ray of sun here and there to scorch a hole in it. Continue reading >>


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