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Jesus, You Know

Six Catholics, each sitting alone in an empty church, pray out loud to the camera in this engrossing documentary by Austrian maverick Ulrich Seidl (Models, Dog Days, Animal Love). The director, himself the product of a devout Catholic family, delivers a preface identifying Jesus as “the master of this film,” which was something of a relief to me, given what an imposing, even oppressive presence Seidl has sometimes been in earlier films. The first supplicant, an articulate older woman named Elfriede Ahmad, manages to bring the Lord some gratitude along with her problems, but most of the others are unable to look past their pain, loneliness, confusion, and despair. This paints a fairly distressing picture of Catholics' relationship with God; apparently His patience, like His peace, passeth understanding. In German with subtitles. 87 min.

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