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Hours: Lunch, Dinner: seven days
Open Late: Friday & Saturday till 2, other nights till 1

Price: $

A choice for stomach ballast since 1954.

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Chicago dogs with fries usually go for around $2, so this commodity’s primary differentiator is simple availability. 'Round midnight, if you’ve had a few and are standing (barely) at Grand and Pulaski, Jimmy’s Red Hots has been an obvious choice for stomach ballast since 1954. Problem is, you’d have to be more hammered than you’ve ever been to crave one of these flaccid, snap-free wieners, minimally dressed with mustard, relish, onions, and sport peppers. In a blind tasting, you’d also have trouble distinguishing Jimmy’s dogs from similarly dressed Polishes; each has identical texture and spicing; the latter seems merely thicker. One bright spot on an otherwise standard menu could be fries, fresh cut with good potato flavor, though ours were limp with past-its-prime, not-quite-hot grease, unsalted and uninteresting. The place has character: they load their grub in sacks bearing logos of other food retailers (kind of cute), countermen purportedly pack heat (unlikely), and threats are posted never to ask for ketchup (which appeals to wing nuts who get all worked up over other people’s condiments). Judged on food alone, however, there’s nothing that could move you to walk into this place unless you’re wobbling unsteadily and need food, fast.

David Hammond

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