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Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner: seven days
Open Late: 24 hours every day

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Longtime 24-hour hot dog stand dishing out dandy Polish, classic pork chop sandwiches, and attitude.

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Jim Stefanovic—whose family fled the Russian Revolution and wound up working at a Maxwell Street hot dog stand in the late 30s--is said by some to have invented the Maxwell Street Polish sausage sandwich. Located blocks from the now painfully gentrified old market location, Jim’s Original serves a dandy dog that pops with griddled onions and a splash of standard dog-stand mustard, condiments added to all the sandwiches here, including a respectable fish sammie. Jim’s pork chop sandwich is an excellent rendition of the workingman’s classic; to eat, grip the bone through the bun and nibble gingerly all around. You’ll be entertained by the street-smart efficiency of the crew, cracking wise about their “secret seasonings” and the failings of nearby Express Grill (owned by a Stefanovic relative). There’s an allure in the gritty vibe of this place after dark, when it’s washed in sweaty yellow light, serving people who pull up in their cars for a quick snack a la trunka.

David Hammond

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