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Just Another Junkie


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While I can believe that many people in Chicago are curious about what became of Kevin Junior of the Chamber Strings ["Heroin Hell" by Bob Mehr, January 19], I can't help but stifle my yawn at reading another narrative about a drug-addicted musician and his recovery, his making amends, his attempted comeback, and the all-around warm glow of healing now that demon H has been beat.

If I wanted a story with as much wisdom and originality as Behind the Music, I'd pay for cable. May I humbly suggest that if you're going to write this tired-old-musician-falls-for-smack narrative, you should really find a fresh angle or, at the least, a fresh storytelling method? For instance, why not a story centered around how the other band members coped with Junior's abandonment of them? That might have been boring too, but at least you would have tried something halfway new.


Thad Rueter



Kevin Junior and Karen Kiska ("Heroin Hell," January 19) were never legally married (and therefore never divorced). We regret the error.

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