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Kabul Kabul

Born in Afghanistan but educated in the West, Sedika Mojadidi returned to her homeland in early 1996 to record the aftermath of the decade-long Soviet-backed civil war; with the Taliban in power she had to wear a veil and often film clandestinely, interviewing people in the countryside and on the streets of Jalalabad and other towns. Her 2001 video documentary focuses on the plight of women, mostly middle-class, including her mother and other relatives. Mojadidi coaxes forth their memories of the peaceful 1970s and their resentment of the harsh life they now endure. Unlike Afghan warriors, who get most of the attention from news media, these practical-minded women talk about the war's carnage, its broken families, and its erasure of history, but they're also hopeful that educating the young will bring a better future. 47 min.

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