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Pan-Asian restaurant and sushi bar.

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I've always been leery of pan-Asian cuisine in the same way I'm leery of diners that offer everything from lasagne to enchiladas to Greek spinach pie--it's difficult enough to execute one cuisine well, let alone six or seven. Kanok sets down this perilous path, offering a dinner menu featuring dishes from Japan, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, and Singapore--albeit all Americanized versions. Oh, they also have a full sushi bar. It's a bit of a glorious mess and perhaps even has potential, but my initial impression was not positive. Shrimp rolls, for instance, sounded good on paper (shrimp, bacon, celery, and carrot) but fell flat on the plate--the smoky bacon simply overwhelmed the other ingredients. Miso soup lacked everything, seemingly including miso. Even more disappointing was the Chilean sea bass, which was oversteamed to the point of being dry, though the chile-lime sauce it came with was delicious. The sushi was so-so, but there was one cause to take heart: a stellar dish of steamed Chinese greens, luscious, lightly spicy, and perfectly prepared.

Chip Dudley

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