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Katja's Adventure

Katja feels lonely and alienated in her modern Swedish home, but through a remarkable series of accidents she's carried on the back of a truck to sunny Italy, where she finds warmth, friendship, and confidence with a group of urchins in the streets of an unnamed city. Lars Hesselholdt's picaresque Danish film is one of those rare children's movies that will appeal to both grown-ups and kids, with interesting multilayered characters—even the secondary characters are warm and compelling. Hesselholdt and cowriters Pascal Lonhay and Tina Rud Mogensen have a light touch, allowing events to arise out of their characters rather than imposing a plot, which makes Katja's improbable adventures seem almost natural. Marco Pontecorvo's relaxed cinematography makes scenes that must have been carefully planned and executed (like the children's complicated adventures among the medieval lanes and squares) look highly spontaneous. 85 min.


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