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Kevin's Hamburger Heaven Recommended

Hours: Breakfast, lunch, dinner: seven days
Open late: 24 hours every day

Price: $

For some, the ne plus ultra of diners, open 24/7.

Restaurant Details

Kevin's Hamburger Heaven is a 24-7 "city that works" diner in a light-industrial area a few blocks south of Sox Park. Early morning you'll find steel-toe-shod working stiffs fueling up on good-size portions of crispy hash browns, nicely spiced (though somewhat dry) sausage, three eggs over, and toast. Those needing a little extra to stoke the engine opt for hot-off-the-griddle pancakes or creamy grits with dollops of butter winking up at you in defiance of future cholesterol checks. Burgers rule at lunch, and these are juicy, rich, flavorful patties, roughly formed and sizzled on the grill. Topped with pickle slices, grilled onions, and a toasted bun, they satisfy in a way that'll make you swear off drive-through McQuickies forever. But it's nighttime—more specifically, the hours after the bars close—that's given Kevin's its citywide rep as the ne plus ultra of greasy spoons. The sotted and soused come from far and wide for coffee, chili burgers with mounds of fries, or steak and eggs served with Kevin's house-label steak sauce; late one evening I heard a guy say blearily, "Gimme one of everything on the breakfast menu." The late-night security guard sits at the counter as unobtrusively as a man tough as nails and armed can.

Gary Wiviott

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