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Kids With Movie Cameras 1

A lively assortment of 20 videos by kids ages 7 through 13. Rusty Kelly's The Clicker Boy demonstrates the power of childhood fantasy, as the young hero uses a remote control to turn a clump of grass into a toy and the toy into a bottle of chocolate soda; in an epilogue titled "30 years later," he's a grown man who clicks the remote at an irritating teenage driver and turns the kid's car into a skateboard. The collagelike mix of styles in Chris Elliott and Leonie Sharrock's Bad News Bats includes rapid-motion sequences that effectively depict what a bat might see while flying. In the amusing one-minute video The Struts, Lane Beckstrom mimes three different walking styles, the "cool strut," the "jazz strut," and the "nerd strut"; like other simple shorts on the program, it has the improvisational feel of the earliest motion pictures. The group effort Billy Gates & Doris the Dorkus includes a mischievous parody of substitute teachers, but many of the collective pieces seem preachy, a sure sign of adult supervision. 70 min.

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