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Kids With Movie Cameras 2

Many of these 18 videos are collective efforts by middle-school classes, the best of them goofy but also appealingly sincere. The boy in Breathless has halitosis so extreme that everyone in his path blacks out, which makes him unattractive to girls but earns him cheers when he sends the teacher to the floor. Aliens? uses clay animation to present person-in-the-street interviews with amusing creatures who affirm the existence of life on other planets, followed by one nonbeliever—an earthling. In I'd Like to Visit the Moon an enjoyably crude spaceship takes two kids to the moon as their earthbound classmates watch through a telescope. The Scottish short Guid Man of Ballengeich makes interesting if not quite coherent use of drawing, clay, and cutout animation, and in the playful No Skrubs, a music video for TLC's "No Scrubs," girls brush off various males who come on to them. 85 min.


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