Kingston Mines | Lincoln Park | Music venue, Music Bar, Classic Bar, 4 AM Bar | Music venue

Kingston Mines Recommended

Hours: Sunday 6 PM-4 AM, Monday-Thursday 8 PM-4 AM, Friday 7 PM-4 AM, Saturday 7 PM-5 AM

Music at 8 PM Thursdays through Saturdays, 9:30 PM Sundays through Wednesdays

Bar Details

This legendary blues bar hosts blues acts with decades of experience on its two stages every night, and the nonstop live music is worth the cover charge. Drink specials seem to largely cater to the neighborhood’s college crowd (most old-school blues fans aren’t downing the $2.50 “sweet tart” shots), but the rotation of classic domestics at $15-$20 a bucket is exactly what you’d hope to find in a place like this. The spacious venue offers the option to sit back and enjoy a beer or get right up near the action. The music keeps playing every night of the week until well past 2 AM, offering a more appealing and lively alternative to the typical 4 AM spot. —Brianna Wellen