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As a child, Sandra (Molly Parker) is neither afraid of nor repulsed by dead animals—she wants to touch them, a compulsion that develops into sex with dead people as she grows up. She's an idiosyncratic and to a large extent believable character, whose complexity is deepened by her relationship with a live guy, Matt (Peter Outerbridge). He isn't immediately put off when she reveals her secret passion to him—in fact, he's fascinated. But what begins quite compellingly as Sandra's story gradually turns into Matt's as the focus shifts to his emotional dilemma. Director Lynne Stopkewich—who wrote the screenplay with Angus Fraser based on Barbara Gowdy's story “We So Seldom Look on Love”—desperately tries to salvage Sandra's point of view toward the end, but it's too late. Smitten and confused, Matt is someone we've seen all too many times before, but Sandra could have been a real innovation if the movie had had the nerve to really be about her.


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