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When: Fri., Nov. 15, 9 p.m. 2013

When California band Knapsack released their second and best album, 1997’s Day Three of My New Life (Alias), alt-rock was huge and they were, at least loosely speaking, alt-rock—but as David Anthony details in a recent A.V. Club piece, Knapsack never broke out of indie purgatory into the big leagues. (Full disclosure: I occasionally contribute to the A.V. Club.) Anthony says this is partially because the band didn’t comfortably fit into any niches: they were a little too midwestern emo for the California kids playing accessible hardcore and pop-punk, and they were a little too Bay Area punk for the midwestern acts messing around with emo. Knapsack called it quits in 2000, and like so many other obscure 90s rock bands, they attracted a bigger following posthumously than they had when they existed. I love their prickly riffs, bouncy bass lines, and the earnest, gravelly vocals of singer-guitarist Blair Shehan, but I didn’t become a card-carrying fan till I was in college in the mid-aughts, when I fell for Day Three tunes “Decorate the Spine” and “Courage was Confused.” This is Knapsack’s first tour in 15 years, and I imagine the room will be full of folks who’ve been waiting years to hear the group’s swelling, ebullient choruses and battle-ready caterwauling in the flesh. —Leor Galil Maritime and All Eyes West open.

Price: $20