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Knuckle Ball

When: Thursdays. Continues through Aug. 18 2011

The acting is stronger than the writing in this baseball-themed revue. When physical comedy is at the forefront—as in the musical numbers, and in sketches like the one about a third-base coach who communicates by hand signals on a first date—the show shines. But the rest of the time you're left with questions like, "Is a reference to Moises Alou peeing on his hands really enough to carry a sketch?" Which is disappointing. It doesn't take much to see that there are vast comedic possibilities in the sport that gave us the 1976 White Sox uniforms, Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter while tripping on acid, and Bud Selig's entire career. Knuckle Ball comes across as a celebration of baseball at a moment when MLB and professional sports in general deserve a proper skewering. —Brian Costello

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