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When: Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through Aug. 30 2015

When you come down to it, there's only a limited number of circus skills. You can throw, spin, balance, bounce, hang, fly, catch, contort, somersault, or clown. Your average show is pretty much guaranteed to feature somebody juggling pins, walking a wire, flying off a teeterboard, swinging from a height, touching toes to head, or doing a handstand atop either another person or a swaying stack of chairs or both. In short, there's nothing categorically new under the big top. So unless you abandon all self-respect and go with the motorcycle cage of death, the trick of classic circus tricks becomes a matter of presenting them in a way that makes them feel new again. Often enough that means pushing the danger factor to another level. But risk works only up to a point. Circus artists are professionals, after all—they're not in the business of trying to kill themselves but of giving you a thrill while they flirt with the illusion of getting themselves killed. Back when I joined the circus (no, really!), I watched a tightrope walker make the same slipup at show after show, just to add a little frisson. She was so good she had to pretend to fail. Continue reading >>

Price: $35-$145

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