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When: Thursdays-Saturdays. Continues through Dec. 18 2010

November was Clint Sheffer month in Chicago. Sheffer himself could be seen playing multiple roles--all of them vividly creepy--in K., a free adaptation of Kafka's The Trial mounted by the Hypocrites. Meanwhile, his own company, Bruised Orange, opened his brief, strong Lakefront Property giving it the sharp production it deserves despite an unhelpful venue. A tale of two lost souls, the play could well end up as creepy as Sheffer's turns in K.: Pokey is an aimless alcoholic who lives on an inheritance and shares his high-rise apartment with a clingy but devoted imaginary lover named Trisha. Kyla is a barmaid with a cocaine habit; she's conjured an abusive boyfriend who may be the ghost of the serial killer depicted in The Devil in the White City. Pokey and Kyla meet and recognize each other as kindred spirits, but the spirits populating their lives don't want to let them go. That this scenario doesn't yield creepiness but a funny, achingly sad romance is a testament first to Sheffer's marvelous way with psychological, physical, and verbal detail and second to a staging full of stunning performances. Ann Sonneville, in particular, is a dream playing a dream as Trisha. I'd love to see this show in a space that doesn't swallow lines. The big former sanctuary at Acme Art Works is great for spectacle, but Lakefront Property needs an intimacy it just doesn't have. --Tony Adler

Price: $18