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Lancelot du Lac

Robert Bresson's telling of the King Arthur legend begins where most versions end, describing a Camelot of fading glory, where the ideals of chivalry and spiritual purity are threatened by a modern, pragmatic mentality. The rhythms of this grave, spare film are slow and irresistible, the images closely cropped and full of inexpressible portent. Released in 1974, it belongs with Pickpocket and Au hasard Balthazar at the highest level of Bresson's achievement.



  • Robert Bresson


  • Luc Simon
  • Laura Duke Condominas
  • Humbert Balsan
  • Patrick Bernard
  • Arthur De Montalembert


  • Robert Bresson


  • Alfredo Bini
  • Jean-Pierre Rassam
  • Jean Yanne
  • Francois Rochas

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