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Last Night

This 1998 release isn't set on the eve of the millennium, but it does take place at the end of the world. Writer-director Don McKellar (who cowrote The Red Violin) plays Patrick, a Toronto resident disillusioned by loss and determined not to spend humanity's final hours at his family's ersatz Christmas party. Instead he hooks up with Sandra (Sandra Oh), who's trying to get across town to be with her husband, and runs into some high school friends in the process of fulfilling grandiose or pathetic fantasies. The narrative emphasizes coincidences, but they're nicely understated. If it didn't seem gimmicky and self-indulgent—at one point Patrick shows Sandra a box of childhood memorabilia it's hard to imagine isn't from McKellar's own past—the movie might be more affecting. With Callum Keith Rennie, Tracy Wright, and David Cronenberg. 96 min.



  • Massy Tadjedin


  • Keira Knightley
  • Eva Mendes
  • Sam Worthington
  • Guillaume Canet


  • Massy Tadjedin


  • Nick Wechsler
  • Massy Tadjedin

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