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Late Pass with Mic Terror, Brian Fresco, Roy French, and Gzus Piece Recommended 17+ Soundboard Image

When: Sat., Jan. 23, 9 p.m. 2016

If you pay a shred of attention to the Reader’s concert calendar you should have an inkling that Chicago’s hip-hop scene is broader than the lasting image of drill or Save Money or whatever else has been imprinted on the community by outside forces. Good thing there’s Late Pass, a touring hip-hop series of locals who have helped make the local scene the stylistically vibrant thing it is. Backed by skilled DJ Boi Jeanius, headliner and Treated Crew rapper Mic Terror will likely drop some heat from Live From Your Mama’s House, last year’s great Treated collaboration with footwork collective Teklife, on which he effortlessly threads together hip-hop euphoria and posthouse nirvana. Roy French goes on prior, and he’ll be supporting November’s droopy Technicolor Flux EP, which can manufacture nightclub tension and release with just a few words (check out “Bapes” in particular). Brian Fresco, whose 2014 Soul Money EP is one of the best overlooked local hip-hop releases of the past few years, is working on a mixtape project called Casanova—and if he builds on the masterful, tempered growl he displays on the recent single “Keep It Up,” Casanova should push him further into the spotlight. Treated Crew rapper and opener Gzus Piece spent last year making a couple of sun-soaked mixtapes with Blanco Caine under the name White Gzus, and before 2015 ended he joined up with Mic Terror, Roy French, and Nick Jr. for a song called “Wicker Park.” Throughout the minimal party track the MCs actually rap about the several Chicago areas in which they get down. It’s no doubt a lot of places, because these guys are part of the reason you hear local hip-hop booming out of car windows and apartment buildings all over this city.

Leor Galil

Price: $15, $10 in advance

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