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When: Thu., Aug. 1, 10 p.m. 2013

Ever run into a mangy teen who dresses like he’s still trapped in the late-70s punk explosion? You know the look: greasy hair, safety-pin piercings, ripped-up leather jackets with homemade back patches. Now imagine that those patches aren’t just for old-school punks such as the Damned and the Dead Boys but also for Krautrock icons Neu! and influential composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. If somebody ever actually dressed like that, that person would probably dig Lazy. On the new Obsession (Moniker) the Kansas City outfit rips through slightly shambolic rock songs at speeds that sometimes approach hardcore’s, but the music is grounded in classic punk, right down to the slightly tinny production (it sounds like Lazy recorded it with the same gear the Buzzcocks used for Spiral Scratch). What really makes Obsession click are the bits of musique concrete (mostly in the form of manipulated field recordings) and Krautrock: “Bring It Up,” for example, begins with a rustling hum that builds into a rollicking, angular guitar riff so hypnotic that the band could’ve built an entire album on it. —Leor Galil E+ opens. Lazy also plays a free in-store at Saki on Fri 8/2 at 7 PM with DJs from Moniker Records.

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