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Le Combat Dans L'Ile

104 minutes 1962

New Wave coolness from 1962, with Jean-Louis Trintignant as a right-wing assassin and Romy Schneider as the silky woman he loves to slap around. Trintignant belongs to a secret society whose fat-cat members meet at a gun club in the country and target prominent communists. They don't screw around, either: when Trintignant carries out a hit, he perches on a rooftop and fires on the victim with a bazooka. The story shifts to a lusterless love triangle when Trintignant, betrayed from within the organization, goes on the run and Schneider takes up with his suave, decidedly less violent pal. Directed by Alain Cavalier (Therese), this delivers all the stylistic flash of the era (most delectably, a jarring aural jump cut from a Mozart piece to a shooting, and back again) but little depth of character. In French with subtitles.

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