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Leather Corduroys, Hurt Everybody, Brian Fresco, Mojek 17+ Soundboard Recommended Image

When: Sun., July 19, 8 p.m. 2015

On “Before the War,” the second single from Hurt Everybody’s new full-length mixtape debut, 2K47, rapper-singer Supa Bwe kicks off his verse, “I have no feelings but I can make songs cry.” Who knows about the first part of those lyrics, but I sure as hell know what Supa’s talking about with the latter half. Since I first heard the Chicago hip-hop group last year, Supa and his collaborators, rapper-producer Carl and producer Mulatto Beats, have beguiled me with a steady stream of tracks that warp familiar rap sounds (spine-shaking trap percussion, squealing G-funk synths) and make them melt, bleed, and, yes, cry. Hurt Everybody can turn a track made out of hazy synths into an anthem with some artfully exuberant shouting just as easily as they can bend overwrought, hyperactive, and dense instrumentals into moments of heady contemplation. The results can get out there, but their buoyant songs never stray too far from anything that could be considered pop. The aforementioned “Before the War” moves somberly but cracks with frisson, and though the young and wild garage kids in Twin Peaks are credited as contributors to the track, it doesn’t much matter, because like many great Hurt Everybody songs, the tune sounds solely like the property of the rap group alone. —Leor Galil

Price: $15