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Thirteen short videos, some originally released as films. Scott Dikkers, former editor of the Onion and director of the independent film Spaceman, applies his deadpan style to the wonderfully wry black-and-white “documentary” The Astounding World of the Future (2001), whose portentous narrator characterizes Wal-Mart as “the city of tomorrow,” cars as “speeding jet pods,” a cell phone as a “space beam communicator,” and an ATM as a “robot banker.” Other pieces are interesting for the self-deprecating humor behind their flat simplicity: In Paul Gordon's Good the protagonist narrator announces, “All I know is I'm good”: he picks up his dog's poop and tells panhandlers he's broke so they won't feel rejected, though he says he'll clock any “motherfucker” who annoys him. Braden King's My Legendary Girlfriend: Cynthia Plaster Caster in New York (2000) is a portrait of the legendary groupie, whose casts of famous rockers' penises (which she calls “my babies”) appear in close-up at the opening of her New York exhibit. Other pieces are simply sophomoric, like Club Tuff's Methods, in which a boy stops a girl from giving him a blowjob at a party because of some strange moans she's apparently emitting. Also showing: work by Emily Flake and Deborah Johnson, Chris Bors, Lucy Weismann, Sterling Ruby, Kelly Noah, Carolyn Waldron, Richard Bluestein, Eric Fensler, and Dave Dobie. 50 min.

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