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When: Fri., Oct. 22, 9 p.m. 2010

Lord knows "cult band" doesn't mean what it used to, but the Society for the Prevention of the Watering-Down of Terms has specifically approved the use of that phrase to describe the Legendary Pink Dots. Edward Ka-Spel and Phil Knight (and a lot of shorter-term team players) have spent the past three decades skirting the edges of synth pop, goth, industrial, psych, neofolk, ambient, darkwave, and other genres with sillier names. Their bazillionth album, Seconds Late for the Brighton Line (ROIR), sounds a little bit like a refutation of their past attempts at poppiness—its droning, eerie concoctions of collaged sounds and oddly distant instruments rise and fall according to an obscure logic of their own, with crescendos and diminuendos never occurring quite where one thinks they should. The overall effect is disconcerting, like an otherwise pleasant house without a single 90-degree angle in it. It's an introverted record, but considering that this tour is a 30th-anniversary celebration for the band, I expect that when they get onstage they'll be more outgoing than these songs suggest. —Monica Kendrick

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