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When: Thu., Jan. 26, 9 p.m. 2017

Long Island brothers Michael and Brian D’Addario are hardly the first precocious teenagers to fetishize the record collection of their parents, but as the Lemon Twigs they experiment with and channel those decades-old influences, eventually reinventing the sound to be both fresh and entertaining. On their recent debut album, Do Hollywood (4AD), the pair evoke the spirits of Harry Nilsson, Ray Davies, and Todd Rudgren, laying down fizzy melodies and hyperactive arrangements as reminsicent of the 70s as the ridiculously gaudy clothing and post-Bay City Rollers coif of 17-year-old Michael. Occasionally the brothers get too caught up in gilding the lily of their hooky creations, slathering on oversweetened quasi-orchestral flourishes, accelerating tempos as though they’re mainlining Coke, and indulging in some convoluted proggy excess (the bloated “As Long as We’re Together” is crushed under its own weight well before its seven-minute run). Still, those shortcomings ultimately seem minor; while the Lemon Twigs are still clearly in thrall to their forefathers, their craftsmanship and knack for pop hooks is too strong to dismiss. I’m eager to hear how these kids grow into their skin, but for now Do Hollywood is as good as any sugar rush provided by 2016.

Peter Margasak

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