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Let's Hear It for Wilson High


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To the editors:

Ben Joravsky gives us a fascinating insight into bureaucratic yo-yoing in his article on Wilson High School's up-until-now successful attempt to survive, grow, and serve [June 7].

I wonder about the economic return on our investment at Wilson.

What, I wonder, is our per student investment to make these young, "educable mentally handicapped" and "at risk" people self-sufficient members of our society?

And, by comparison, what are our costs when, untrained and unable to care for themselves, these people become wards of the state for the rest of their (and our) lives? How do the numbers compare?

Doesn't Wilson High School pay for itself many times over? I, for one, believe it does!

I also believe that Marlene Curylo exemplifies all the good we hoped would come from school reform and the creation of local school councils, and, yes, that Jay Mulberry must be a saint as well as a damned fine, well-directed executive!

Are the folks downtown frightened by success? Let's hear it for Wilson High School--loud and clear--many times over, until our voices are heard by Mr. Kimbrough, the school board and their seemingly secretive staff!

Gerald B. Frank

W. Deming

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