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Letter to Brezhnev

Two Liverpool girls, fed up with the depressive male population in their depressed corner of Britain, encounter two Soviet sailors on shore leave; for Teresa (Margi Clarke), her evening with Sergei (Alfred Molina) is a happy sexual romp, but for Elaine (Alexandra Pigg), her liaison with the angelic Piotr (Peter Firth) represents a promise of romantic fulfillment and escape to a happier country. Things must have been going badly indeed in Britain for the prospect of exile in the Soviet Union to take on the allure of a flight to paradise, but Chris Bernard's film (1985) is only marginally concerned with social issues. It's a light, cultish piece that meanders pleasantly through a selection of eccentric characters and comic accents, until it falters a bit with an exhortative, go-for-it ending. Made for Britain's Channel Four, and it shows in Bernard's restricted visual vocabulary.


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