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Dear Reader,

A time in history such as this only comes once--what a shame so many pages were wasted on a cover story that could have been an illuminating look @ the last century by one writer, but what was after all the cryptic & self-indulgent ravings of some doddering ex-hippie [January 7].

Mr. Meltzer, as you can see, this note is written on real paper in a real hand. Life as we know it is, right now, crammed with technocrap & decided in large part by corporate agendas, but Dude, you can choose to unplug from time to time.

Poor man, you are so beat you lack a sense of wonder--if anything you never should have squandered that. Lighten Up!!! Take a walk & see trees & grass & snow & rain once in a while.

D. Aoki


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