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Liars Club

Proving there's no substitute for a good education, University of Chicago graduates Johnny Clark, Jason Shaw, John McDermott, and Bruce Cacho-Negrete collaborated on this labored and painfully stupid indie comedy about four young men prowling the city's north side for babes. Clark (who cowrote the script) plays the sensitive dork who can't get laid; Shaw (a male supermodel in his other life) is the impossibly beautiful chick magnet; McDermott (of the local improv troupe the Barking Squirrels) plays a dull-witted comedian hopelessly devoted to his steady girlfriend; and Boston stand-up Bob Marley, making the most of his weak zingers, is the group's shameless misogynist. Clark and Cacho-Negrete reportedly took their script through 30 revisions before they came up with the film's shapeless plot and humdrum dialogue: when Clark, whose character is an English teacher, compares his girl troubles to the myth of Sisyphus, Shaw has no idea who he's talking about, a gag that reveals less about these regular guys than about the filmmakers' intellectual arrogance. Cacho-Negrete directed; with Amy Jo Johnson and Elisa Donovan. 93 min.

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