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Little Brother's

Hours: Lunch, Dinner: Monday-Saturday
Closed Sunday

Price: $

Quick-service pan-Asian and Korean from a CHIC grad.

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Of the slew of Korean fast food joints to open in the last few years, this effort by CHIC grad S. Christian Oh might be putting out the tastiest, most basic food while still maintaining a noninsulting level of accessibility to non-Koreans. The setup is simple: order a "Little" or "Big Brother Meal," a choice of lemon-and-garlic-marinated chicken, boneless short ribs, or fried tofu. Choose a sauce--the thick, red, sweet-hot Raging "Bul," a mild teriyaki-style brown sugar sauce, or the Sweet Cilantro, less cloying and with a bit of a bite. Then choose a salad: house green salad, cucumber onion, or a simple and wonderful raw slaw with a kiss of wasabi, and add sides like crispy vegetable dumplings or steamed edamame, capping it off with a house-made flavored lemonade. This isn't even close to hard-core authentic Korean food--they don't even serve kimchi (yet)--but for a quick, interesting fast-food option it's pretty good.

Mike Sula

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