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Hours: Lunch, dinner: seven days
Open late: Friday-Sunday till midnight

Price: $

An Inner Mongolian hot-pot chain comes to Chinatown.

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Amid Chinatown's recent restaurant boom, hot-pot joints in particular have proliferated. Little Lamb started 14 years ago in Inner Mongolia, and its shtick is that it specializes in an herbal lamb broth developed by a monk that was supposed to beef up the soldiers he looked after. It's said to be infused with stuff like astragalus, licorice, desert cistanche, and sand-shallot seeds, and there are indeed a few hard, inedible things bobbing around in it. But that particular broth is fairly mild, which is a good reason to order a couple of varieties. They'll arrive at the table in separate compartments in the same pot, set on a burner at the center of the table. Little Lamb's great appeal—not unlike a Korean barbecue joint—is that it offers certain instinctive primeval pleasures apart from the food. It gives you the sense that you're out on the steppes among Genghis Khan's hordes, feasting around fires and dividing up the plunder.

Mike Sula

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