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Little Sister

A man obsessed with the home movies of his sister's ninth birthday shows up at her apartment 11 years later, his camera rolling, explaining that he's making a movie about her. He meets her lover—a self-important guy whose elaborate bed dominates his otherwise Spartan room—and the longest and least interesting section of the movie involves the brother's attempt to break up their relationship. Even though this incest-theme story doesn't indulge in the usual suspense about what happened between the brother and sister as children, it ultimately undercuts their points of view, keeping us at a patronizing distance despite the supposedly subjective camera, which presents all the footage as if it were being shot by the characters. Jos Driessen wrote the screenplay with director Robert Jan Westdijk; with Kim van Kooten, Hugo Metsers III, Roeland Fernhout, and Ganna Veenhuysen (1995).

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