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A Japanese brother and sister, their California road trip interrupted by car trouble, kill a few days in the title town and get adopted by local slackers who are charmed by their almost complete lack of English. This severe language barrier turns out to be the movie's key plot device, especially after the brother takes off and the sister stays behind to carry on a wordless romance with one of the American guys. She's oblivious to the growing sense of menace among these so-called friends, and they fill in the blank space of her personality by projecting their own feelings onto her. When the brother returns and the siblings reach their ultimate destination, the movie makes an unexpected left turn into political commentary. This is affecting and thematically pointed but much more pat than the situation that precedes it, in which two different realities must coexist uneasily on the same screen. Mike Ott directed a script he wrote with Carl McLaughlin and Atsuko Okatsuka (who also plays the sister).



  • Mike Ott


  • Atsuko Okatsuka
  • Rintaro Sawamoto
  • Brett Tinnes
  • Cory Zacharia
  • Roberto Sanchez
  • Matthew Fling
  • Ivy Khan
  • Lee Lynch
  • Ryan Dillon


  • Denny Densmore
  • Hsin-Fang Li
  • Sierra Leoni
  • Frederick Thornton

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