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Live and Let Drive


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Dear Reader readers,

I agree with Andy Golding [Letters, October 21]. Let's turn most of the on-street parking spaces into garden spaces and make Chicago into a town for poor persons who do not drive, and let's definitely make this town a home for those very sophisticated types who, in their superior wisdom, deplore the use of automobiles.

Those mean-spirited persons who have money should be discouraged from living in this city. The great city of Chicago should be for the poor masses of people. It should not be for the middle class, affluent, and wealthy folks who are using up all the petroleum resources. These persons are stealing much more than their fair share from the poor people. Let's make Chicago a poor and lower-class, but completely fair and socialist, city and get rid of those greedy and backward persons who insist on driving their automobiles.

Let's ban all automobiles from Chicago streets! They are evil, and so are the philistines who drive them. Build buses, buses, buses, and make the fare ten cents per ride!

Don't worry about me. I will move to a town like Los Angeles, because, I must truthfully admit, I am one of those really nasty, inconsiderate persons who drives a car.

The young socialists know better than everyone else. Listen to them, and do as they suggest.

Onward and upward Chicago, follow the path of the old Soviet Union and cheer, "Socialism--go, go, GO!!!!!"

Robert Benson

N. State

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