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This third and final Wolverine spinoff to the X-Men franchise takes place in 2029, when the heroic mutant (Hugh Jackman) is aging, ailing, and hitting the booze. Most of the X-Men have been wiped out, and several decades have passed without record of a new mutant birth, so their deteriorating commander, Professor X (Patrick Stewart), rejoices when the hero inherits an abandoned child who shares his superpowers and retractable bone claws (Dafne Keen, fantastic). The film earns its R rating with extreme violence and excessive F-bombs; it's also the most shocking, thrilling, and emotionally resonant X-Men film to date. Director James Mangold, returning after the second installment, The Wolverine (2013), orchestrates several jaw-dropping action sequences, heightened by Jackman's and Keen's intense performances and by Marco Beltrami's taut and plunky score. With Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, and Stephen Merchant.



  • James Mangold


  • Hugh Jackman
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Richard Grant
  • Boyd Holbrook
  • Stephen Merchant
  • Dafne Keen
  • Eriq La Salle
  • Elise Neal
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez


  • Hutch Parker
  • Simon Kinberg
  • Lauren Shuler Donner

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