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When: Fri., March 4, 6 p.m. 2016

November’s The Incredible True Story (Def Jam/Visionary Music Group), the second album from rapper Logic, is loosely tied together by a series of skits chronicling the future misadventures of a pair of astronauts played by voice actor Steven Blum (Regular Show; Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law) and producer and songwriter Kevin Randolph (Vince Staples, Ashanti). The album kicks off with the former announcing he’s about to listen to The Incredible True Story, to which Randolph responds, “You know this was the album that changed everything, right?” Logic’s ambition is palpable throughout even if that opening prophecy is flawed—he doesn’t so much reinvent the wheel as improve its traction, speed, and durability. He speeds through tracks with the determination of a sprinter and the natural groove of a Soul Train dancer, and he manages to keep it up across the album’s 18 tracks, which combine to equal just over an hour. The skits view earth through the lens of a dystopian future, but The Incredible True Story is actually grounded in the present, particularly Logic’s experience growing up in the D.C. area (more specifically Gaithersburg, Maryland). On “Paradise” he raps about the painful memory of seeing his mother torn away from him and how he turned to pop music. He handles the emotional turbulence with ease, zooming through the lines while injecting enough nuanced emotion to allow the experience to linger.

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