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London to Brighton

A low-life pimp (Johnny Harris) orders one of his hookers (Lorraine Stanley) to recruit a preteen girl for the delectation of an icy crime boss, and the woman finds a homeless 12-year-old (Georgia Groome) who'll do anything for cash. But all these developments are conveyed in flashback—as this white-knuckle thriller opens, the crime boss is dead and the two women are running for their lives. In its plot and melodramatic themes, this 2006 British drama owes a substantial debt to John Cassavetes's Gloria (1980); like that movie's aging gun moll, who protects a little boy from Mafia assassins, the hooker in this one wrestles with obscure feelings of motherhood and rising regret over the life choices she's made. Yet writer-director Paul Andrew Williams touches lightly on these ideas, concentrating more on the crafty interweaving of his two story lines for maximum suspense. 85 min.

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