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(Lone) Wolf & Cub


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These former members of the hardcore-inflected La Mantra de Fhiqira and the mathy Dakota/Dakota apparently went feral when they got together. Their debut EP, this year's May You Only See Sky (Hewhocorrupts Inc.), is rooted in fairly pure, lo-fi, traditional metal, though the joyously aggravating shrieked and squawked vocals are so raw you'd swear the band had roots in Japanese noise. This is Chicago slaughterhouse hell-raising at its most aggressive. The band headlines a holiday party for the Hewhocorrupts label; arresting local duo Plague Bringer opens, and the evening starts with videos of bands in the Hewhocorrupts stable. a 8 PM, the Mutiny, 2428 N. Western, 773-486-7774. F

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