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High school misfits in a sleepy Bulgarian town await the arrival of a touring punk band they hope will set the place on fire (2015). Writer-director Ivaylo Hristov aims for social realism, shooting in black and white to heighten the sense of gray industrial boredom, but his romance between nerdy Koko, whose parents have parked him with his mentally disabled grandmother, and rebellious Elena, whose mother drinks and sleeps around, comes across like "Nick and Norah's Eastern European Playlist." As in American teenpics (not least the movies of Richard Linklater), there's the sense of a hermetically sealed adolescent world: in the opening sequence, the heroine marches all her friends out of school to an abandoned office space for a communal groove to a music track that has just dropped. Intercut with the high school story are scenes of the approaching punk band whose leaden comedy suggests hokey music videos from the 80s. In Bulgarian with subtitles.


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