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Hours: Lunch, Dinner: seven days
Open Late: Friday & Saturday till midnight, Monday through Thursday till 11

Price: $

Wells Street location of a family-run pizza chain popular for deep-dish pies.

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More like a casserole or vegetable tart, Lou Malnati’s Deluxe pizza would probably not be recognizable as pizza by a Roman or Neapolitan: it’s overloaded and moist, with a buttery crust just this side of soggy and difficult to discern beneath the maybe two pounds of veggies piled on top. A more traditional pan pizza is the Lou, an offering with spinach, tomatoes and several cheeses (no substitutions!). For sides, there’s a combination platter of fried veggies and cheese (cholesterol is not spoken of here); for dessert, a chocolate chip pizza, a soft-baked cookie covered with ice cream of indeterminate flavors. I don’t know who started the whole beer and pizza thing, but wine perfectly complements pizza, and here the most expensive bottle is just over $20, which ain’t bad.

David Hammond

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