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When: Sundays. Continues through Feb. 5 2017

When is a magic trick a miracle? Christianity has grappled with this distinction forever. Medieval Catholicism, writes historian Helen L. Parish, was a religion of “clerical conjurors and magic-working saints.” Jesus himself of course turned water into Yellow Tail. It’s all the same to evangelical prestidigitator Luke Babylon in this one-of-a-kind Annoyance Theatre spectacle. For lo, ’twas God who made thy four of clubs levitate to the top of the deck, and though the maestro and medium will gladly accept your applause, he’d rather have your soul. Know what you’re in for: Luke Babylon, the Christian Magician, is what you get when that adorable guy at the bar with the swoopy hair and the big brown eyes has a lot of surreptitious love in his heart for the son of God and knows how to rip your card in half and sew it back together with magic. —Max Maller

Price: $10


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