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Lurrie Bell & Jimmy Lane


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Since returning to the scene a few years ago, guitarist Lurrie Bell has established himself as one of our most technically proficient and tasteful young bluesmen. His knowledge of traditional Chicago blues is unparalleled, and he's done enough listening and jamming with younger players to be conversant in today's high-energy hot-licks blues language as well; best of all, he saves it for the right moments. Bell has toned down his intensity in the last few years, and that's where fellow axman Jimmy Lane comes in. Son of Chicago legend Jimmy Rogers, Lane adds post-Hendrix fire to the slow-burning passion of his father's music, fusing the old and the new with a unique combination of exuberance and respect. Whether these two Young Turks can control the musical tension that might arise between them is anybody's guess, but it'll be fun to watch them try. Adding to this potentially explosive brew is vocalist/drummer Michael Watkins, no stranger to fretboard audacity--Watkins has been working as Buddy Miles's percussionist during Miles's recent attempts to forge a new career as a guitarist. Wednesday, the Bridge, 1177 N. Elston; 235-6674.


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