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If he runs an errand for a crime boss, Bobby will be a made man, though he isn't interested in that kind of family life. His pal Ricky is passionately interested, but he's a freak whose every word and action has the potential to get both men killed. Bobby, who has the patience of a saint—or a doormat—is fiercely loyal, a quality prized by his girlfriend, who's found in him the perfect baby-sitter, and by the crime boss, who grudgingly agrees to let Ricky accompany Bobby on a wild-goose chase that tests the patience of everyone except the audience. Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn, both of Swingers, play the leads here too, and Favreau, who wrote that movie, wrote and directed this one—a perfectly annoying comedy with elements of drama. Vaughn is scary as the irksome Ricky—the center of the tension on which the movie's humor and poignance depend. With Sean Combs, Famke Janssen, Faizon Love, and Peter Falk. 95 min.

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