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Rugged adventure on the high seas and an inspiring portrait of a ship's crew that had much to prove invigorate this heartwarming documentary by Alex Holmes. At age 16, rebellious Brit Tracy Edwards fled her abusive stepfather and became self-supporting, eventually landing a stewardess job on a charter yacht. That led to a gig as a cook on a yacht competing in the Whitbread Round the World Race, during which she became hooked on the then male-dominated sport of sailing and determined to helm her own all-female crew in the 1989 Whitbread—a historic first. At 33,000 nautical miles the race was the world's longest, and the prospects of Maiden, her refurbished ship, were widely held to be dim. But as archival footage (much of it shot by two of her shipmates) shows, the women more than held their own. They gained time by sailing through the frigid southern seas, repaired damage when a leak sprung below decks, and aided a competing crew after two of its men went overboard. That most of the women have remained friends ever since is a testament to their skills, bravery, and magnanimity, and to a vision of female empowerment that endures.



  • Alex Holmes


  • Alex Holmes


  • Alex Holmes
  • Anna Godas
  • Fran Rowlatt-McCormick
  • James Erskine
  • Oli Harbottle
  • Rachel Doctors
  • Sam Brayshaw
  • Victoria Gregory

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