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Hours: Dinner: Sunday, Tuesday-Saturday
Closed Monday

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Carlos Reyna's beloved Mexican snack shop.

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This lovely storefront in Humboldt Park is the third location of Carlos Reyna's restaurant since the original opened in 1998. This time around Maiz has a liquor license and a friendly bartender who'll mix you as many giant margaritas as you can handle. In fact, everything about Maiz feels personal-Reyna takes orders, whole families seem relaxed (two toddlers played in bicycle helmets when we were there), and the food is all freshly homemade. The antojitos (snacks) are served in moderate portions, at least compared with the local trend of burritos too big to bite into. The guacamole arrives in a dish with legs and a face, accompanied by crunchy chips, and there are lots of different queso fundidos to try. Tacos, tortas, huaraches, and fajitas can be ordered with red meat, chicken, fish, or vegetables (including cactus); extras include poblano peppers, avocado, and cheese. The tortillas have the delicate flavor of something prepared carefully, one at a time. This care was evident in all aspects of the meal, and while service definitely wasn't slow, there was also no hurry, and the front windows provided a nice view of the sunset.

Katherine Young

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