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103 minutes 2012

In this Turkish black comedy (2010) a selfish and unpleasant slacker, nearly 30 and still living at home, jeopardizes his cushy situation when he starts dating a gypsy, to the chagrin of his bigoted father. The premise recalls Dover Koshashvili's great Israeli feature Late Marriage (2001), and some moments of familial discomfort are worthy of that film. Yet the modish, detached style inhibits the jokes, and writer-director Soren Yuce tends to overstate his satirical points; the pretentious title, which associates the father's prejudice with the majority of Turkish people, is the most egregious but hardly the only example. The players are impressively understated, with Esme Madra giving a standout performance as the terminally naive girlfriend. In Turkish with subtitles.

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