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Mako Sica, Miracle Condition Member Picks Free All Ages Soundboard Recommended

When: Fri., Oct. 12, 9 p.m. 2012

Mako Sica's new three-song LP, Essence (La Societe Expeditionnaire), is cave music. That's not a sub-subgenre of Krautrock-influenced psychedelia that somebody invented a name for last month; I mean the band's music sounds like it should be drifting up from the bowels of a dim, murky cavern, where it's being played by faceless men in druidic robes who may or may not be preparing to rip the still-beating heart out of a heretic's chest, Temple of Doom style. Throughout Essence, vocalist-guitarist Brent J. Fuscaldo moans and groans over bleak and discordant arrangements full of dissonant, psych-infused guitar, sad trumpet, and often purposely stumbling percussion. The resulting songs—loosely structured and apparently mostly improvised—are as likely to coalesce into harrowing swells of noise as they are to fall to earth in jagged pieces. The 21-plus-minute opener, "Fate Deals a Hand," can be a trial to stick with, but it's worth the effort: its creepy pockets of dead space and fluttering echoes will give you a wicked case of the heebie-jeebies. —Kevin Warwick Miracle Condition opens.